Monday, January 05, 2009

Izza Dog!

Saturday night, Alec and I went to see Marley and Me - a movie about the worlds worst dog. Last week, we had decided that we didn't want to get a dog right now. Ok, well, I decided.

After seeing the movie - what'd we decide to do? Get a dog. Went to The Pet Connection in Mission KS to see who was there and they had a pair of 7 month old black lab mix puppies. One of them is home with us now.

His name is either 'Sam' or 'Doc'. He came from the shelter as Sam, and for a couple of hours we tried out Doc. Doc is too close to Dog, though...

Bizzare situation - they were raised in Osceola, MO at the shelter. Dropped there as 8 week pups. How they could fail to adopt a lab puppies I don't know, but my good fortune (?). So, Sam (or Doc) is effectively a blank slate. No bad experiences, no real training either. And he's never seen stairs. Will not go up or down the stairs in the house for love or treats. Sigh.

Should be an interesting time. He does sleep well in his kennel fortunately. And the cats are doing just as I hoped they would - Kiki is hiding all day and Random just looks at the dog like a disease. Sam looks at the cats no differently than furniture, so that's good so far. Not letting him roam alone in the house for a few months though.

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