Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heck of a Good Deal!

Got an offer in the mail today where I could earn up to $200 a year back on my purchases.  Pretty good deal - and as an incentive, they gave me two checks for $5.00 each - so up to $210 the first year, and I'm $10 up right out the gate!  Nice deal!

Check the fine print though - by cashing the checks, you agree to be enrolled in two different 'savings' programs, at an annual cost of $120 per year, per program.

So, the net savings by enrolling is this great deal?

$100 savings, program 1
$100 savings, program 2
-$240 membership fees
-$40 cost out of my pocket, just so I can 'save' some money.

Oh, I forgot to mention the free week of Jazzercise lessons they'll throw in.


Reading the fine-fine print, turns out to get this $200 back, you have to save all your purchase receipts, and mail them into a special PO box one time per year.    Very nice.  How kind of them to only require a single mailing per year of receipts.

So, just for some Googlefodder:  Buyers Advantage is a SCAM.  Just for Me is a SCAM. Ripoff.  Complaint.  HSBC.  M. Tremaglio. 
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