Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missile Silo links

Back in the cold war, Kansas had lots of nuclear missile silos. They've all since been filled and plowed under, but some still have some concrete blocks on the top as reminders of what once stood there. You may have even driven by them at some point. Some of the oldest Atlas missile sites have been converted into homes or even a highschool.

The following sites have a ton of information about the old silos - 'jimkirk' has a huge reference site, including links to Atlas, Titan I and Titan II silo sites.  The Kansas sites were Atlas sites associated with Forbes AFB out of Topeka and Titan II sites associated with McConnell AFB out of Wichita.  Siloworld has a list of basically all the silo sites, with links to Yahoo! sat. maps.

A few local ones:
Near 160 and Cowley 1

US400 just East of Beaumont

US54/77 just North of the 54/400 curve

US77 just North of the turnpike

Side note:  Yahoo has better, more up to date imagery than Google does for these rural locations.  Nice interface, too...

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I want 1 2 said...

Is this photo of the Valley Falls, KS site for sale? I would love to visit that site but the realtor shows to serious & capable buyers only. Even thought I frequently see tourists snapping photos in his videos. Do you know who owns this site?