Friday, February 01, 2008

Illegal to watch the Superbowl?

According to US Copyright law, it is an infringement on broadcast copyrights to use an AV device with a screen greater than 55", or in the case of an audio only broadcast, to use more than 6 speakers.   

Sorry, folks - those home theaters you have spent so much money on for your Superbowl party?  They are illegal.  Have a nice day.  Best government money can buy.

Think I'm full of it?

The NFL has sent cease-and-desist letters to several private groups that used to have Superbowl parties - churches, mainly:

Continuing the long tradition of Christian civil disobedience, the Indianapolis Second Baptist Church will risk the wrath of Federal Law and NFL Lawyers by illegally re-broadcasting the superbowl for their youth group this weeekend, using a weapon of mass communication, a projector and screen bigger than 55". Will Homeland Security conduct a copyright raid searching for these weapons of mass communication?

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