Monday, July 03, 2006

Fixing the Basement Floor

OK - house is emptying out, just Alec and I. So, time for that 30 year old stained nasty carpet to go and something better to be put in. Not that I have the immediate cash flow, but here's a few notes for my own reference on concrete basement subfloors and so on.

The two problems:

1) The basement floor is concrete and gets slightly damp.
2) The basement ceiling is only 7'. No room for a true framed subfloor

Solutions? Engineered basement subfloors.

The original product, Dri-Core is a waferboard with waterproof backing and air flow spacers underneath. Basically, you just toss it on the floor, and put your carpet, engineered wood or tile on top.

A few user installation notes:

Another new competing product is 'SubFlor' - looks interesting, although I don't find much on Google about it.

Seems like the major difference is DriCore is sold through Home Depot, and SubFlor through Loews. :-)

Next Steps: Carpet (safe) or engineered hardwood (bit riskier) over the subfloor?

Stay tuned . . .
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