Friday, October 07, 2005

Let your fingers do the walking used to be easier . . .

Remember the old Yellow Pages advertisements - "Let your fingers do the walking!"? Well, that used to be a lot easier when you could reach someone in the store with half a clue. Been looking for a new BozFram tonight and I see why the internet is so popular - click here, drool there, you find out which model you need, how much it costs and if they have it in stock.

Contrast that to calling the store - ask for the department you think sells it. Ask if they have it in stock. No speakey engles, por favor, un momento. {bad hold music}. Now, repeat to the next droid. He puts you on hold to ask someone if they have something utterly unrelated to what you are looking for. Be told that "No, they don't carry the FramBotz, thank you, goodbye" {click}. He must have been in a hurry to get back to texting his girl or something.

And, I'm still no closer to getting my BozFram tonight; if I want to see if it's in the local store, I have to go out, fire up the gashog SUV and drive the 5 miles over there. Grouch.

Or, I could order it off and have it delivered to my house in 5 days. Phtht.

Support your local stores my ass. Hire someone with a clue, and I will.
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