Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Sunday - Day 20, COVID-19 Lockdown

He Is Risen!

Today, Christians around the world celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ rising from the dead giving hope for a new life and rebirth for all of us.  Hope is something we all need, regardless of your religious beliefs.  We know of 283 cases of COVID-19 here in Johnson County, with 12 people already passed from the disease. We are only testing those highly symptomatic, so it's quite likely to be an order of magnitude higher.

Today, I awoke at a reasonable hour - 7AM.  I have The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection tuned in on the computer to attend their 7:30 Easter service.  I would like to hear some good news today.  I actually moved yesterday, with over a mile of walking and stomping up and downstairs to set up the workspace in the bedroom.  It helps to get some sleep that way.  I'll need to find an excuse to get out today.  Photo hike perhaps?'

Overcast this morning, nothing photo-worthy.  About 3/4" rain overnight, mostly after I was long asleep.

Shortly later, the sun came out:
The wife and I watched Easter service with The Church of the Ressurection on TV, then the weather turned.  Ended up getting some pea-sized hail, and the temperature is dropping quickly!

Leaning towards a quiet afternoon reading or watching a TV series on the new monitor. Need to sort out how to use the monitor for work, without having the laptop pointing back into the absurdly messed-up side of the bedroom.

Well, we will sort that out in the fulless of time.

Closed out the night with a re-broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC, then Music from the Hearts of Space on the radio.  A good way to wrap the day.

Your humble scribe,
Will England

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