Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day 22, COVID-19 Lockdown

And good morning to all!  Woke up to SamTheDog at the usual time; woke up to below freezing temperatures.  Woke up to over 300 COVID-19 cases (tested anyway - we can assume an order of magnitude untested and asymptomatic) in the county.  One of the CD's ordered yesterday is winging its way over from Germany; we'll see if we win the bid on the other one in a few hours.  Ah, the things we do for fun while on mandatory stay-home orders.

Tuesday.  Tuesday, April 14.  Workday.  Normally the day before income tax returns are due, but that's been pushed out for state and federal filing to summer.  Filed and paid mine early in the year before this COVID-19 thing became a 24-hour news cycle.  Even dual F5 tornados only make a blip in the news cycle about COVID-19.  19 dead in Mississippi and surrounding Southern states from a pair off F5 tornados training one behind the other.

Time to get half dressed for my first meeting of the day, discussing how we parse and store data from the handset app in our Adobe Analytics system.

In other news, I won the auction for the CD-R promo of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Relax!

The afternoon had a good meeting at work. Got outside and reset the cars for the lawn service (two down the center of the driveway, two on the street - so he can get the commercial mower along the edges of the drive).  Weeded the back yard for a bit - "earthing" if you're into that kind of thing. I was mostly into shoveling out broadleaf weeds down to the bottom of their root line and pulling Silver Maple seedlings out of the fence line.  Hostas on the back fence are coming back nicely even after the freeze / thaw / freeze we've been having:
With that - time to sign off for this Tuesday evening and catch part of the first episode of the season of Deadliest Catch on TV. 

Your humble scribe,
Will England

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