Sunday, August 05, 2018

Another New Website -

In the never-ending quest to learn platforms, build my personal brand and such, I've stood up a premium Wix account to host  Go take a look - I've just gotten the basics started there; a video page, a blog, and even a favicon!

Nice layout and look and feel; relatively easy to build on if you're used to contextual menus.  Their new Blog tool reminds me of the LinkedIN article editor.

Next steps could be an eCommerce shop to sell something; link to a photo sales site for photo shoots etc.  Who knows?  More of a test bed for bigger accounts like the Shawnee Mission West Band and W&N Photography, and get my hands around using it for what the kids call a 'side hustle' these days (and back in the day too).

Post your feedback in the comments - always looking for constructive feedback!

 - Will England

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