Monday, January 14, 2013

Career Advice from CEO's at CES

My VP got (had?) to go to CES and took some notes from a CEO panel.

From panel with Marissa Mayer (CEO Yahoo) and Laura Desmond (CEO Starcom MediaVest) 


1.       Don't let the urgent drown out the important (I love this one)

2.       Work with smart people

3.       Do things you're not ready to do (push yourself, don't get comfortable)

4.       Find comfortable work environments (culture, peers/boss, etc.)


1.       Talent is the most important thing (similar to Marisa's 2 - surround yourself with it and nourish your own - to managers nurture and foster culture to embrace it)

2.       Shadow technologists (follow tech, be smart, understand how things work even if you're a marketer or whatever)

3.       Go live in China (kind of like Marisa's #3 but better)
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