Monday, November 07, 2011

What I'm Doing Lately

Had to update the one-page resume again (new Director coming on board - wants to know what we all do) -- figured I'd share with the world:

  • Sprint Employee since 1999
  • Began with Sprint Paranet as Technical Solutions Consultant
  • Moved to as Java Developer for the Shop platform
  • App Admin for My Sprint and Sprint Shop
  • Business Analyst for Blue Martini (device catalog); assisted in transition from Sprint to IBM
  • Created, led, supervised Virtual Business Technology Ops team
  • Developed Community site from hardware, software, content, vendor management.
  • Technical manager for Sprint Community on Jive

  • Space Admin for Network and Coverage, all Apple, iPhone and iPhone 4S spaces
  • E20 Consultant for internal social media – SprintSpace – providing VP level consultation to build new spaces and drive internal adoption, communication and collaboration.
  • Member Social Media Ninjas team; Product Ambassador team; NLP Core Team; WebIQ facilitator

Current Hot items:
  • Leading cross-functional team to transition SprintSpace from internal IT hosting to team hosted platform, coupled with version upgrade and tight integration with Sprint Public Community
  • Lead blogger for Network Vision; working with Network and Corp Comm teams  to drive communication strategy around Network Vision improvements
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