Thursday, February 10, 2011

ATT Data Rates for 4G LTE

Was just reading from TiPB about proposed AT&T data rates for their upcoming 4G LTE service. It runs from 5MB/sec to peaks of 12MB/sec. They're offering two tiers - 200MB and 2GB of data. How's that add up?

Go ahead and get the 2GB plan -- it's good for almost an hour at normal speeds (only 22 minutes if you get the max speed). Overages will only cost you $1.10 a minute.

Want to 'save' some money? Their lowest plan ($15 a month) at 200MB will last you 5 minutes and 33 seconds at 'average' speeds (5MB). Just 2 minutes and 13 seconds at peak speed. Overages would range from $2.81 to $6.75 per minute of use. Classic! Just like the good old days of Ma Bell Long Distance rates.

Keep in mind - those are *monthly* plans - you get to use your LTE from ATT for anywhere from 2 minutes a month to almost a whole hour a month before they charge you extra. Isn't that nice?

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