Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Helmet

Finally got around to getting a new helmet - the last one was done.   Was on the way to Jack Stack in Martin City and stopped at Reno's Yamaha on a whim.  I figured they were long closed - it was 6:30 PM and everyone knows bike shops close at 6 at the latest.  Well, I caught the owner as he was leaving and mentioned I needed a helmet.  Turns out they were open till 6:30 and were glad to stay open late for me.  Took a look around and picked out something that shouldn't ever need extra graphics to stand out - the Shoei RF1000 'Sever'.  Wicked.  :-)

Full face this time, not flip front.  Figure it's marginally safer that way.  Very interesting graphics - first 'fancy' helmet I've had.  Before I've had silver, white and black.  Time for something with some 'punch'.  And classic Shoei fit - felt great the second I put it on.  I'll be perturbed when I get the first scratch on this one!

Got the Ducati out for it's first ride today too - OP to Jack Stack and back; about 40 miles.  Fun bike, but definitely going to take some getting used to after the ST1100...

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